Ever asked yourself what sustainable wood actually means and why it is better than normal wood? Why would we even bother using this type of wood when it is more expensive to use? We at Znoet strive to use as much sustainable wood as we can for all our products.

What is sustainable wood?
Sustainable wood comes from forests where the ecological function of the forest as a living environment for plants and animals is preserved as much as possible. It also says something about the rights and interests of the workers involved and of the native people who live in these forests.

The use of the FSC label
Znoet - FSC Wood Sliding Board Game
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stands for this responsible forest management. Using the FSC label on our Znoet packaging means we use FSC wood that come from these sustainable forests managed by the FSC. By using properly processed sustainable wood, we can reduce our demand for new wood and thereby contribute to a better environment to life in.

Our customers
Znoet - FSC Wood Sliding Board Game
As some of you already know we also plant a tree for every sold item, giving an extra boost for a better environment. We do this by donating to OneTreePlanted. A non-profit organization that plants trees around the world. So when you purchase a Znoet product, you also contribute to the sustainability of these forests.

Other ways to help the environment
Znoet - FSC Wood Sliding Board Game
Planting trees is a great way to begin restoring deforestation, but there are also other solutions to help the environment to get back the balance. Like thinking about our usage of plastics and the way it is disposed off. Unfortionately we still have a long way to go when you look at how much human waste ends up in our beautiful oceans. It is killing our precious sealife and poluting the water in places where it is most needed. There are organizations like PlasticSoupFoundation that try to prevent this poluting plastic waste ending up in our oceans. Like others they think about the risks that plastics can be to our environment and ourselves. Microplastics are everywhere and can even nest inside our bodies!

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