Searching good toys for your little one can be a great challenge: Is the toy educational enough? Can it easily break? Is it safe to play with?
Parents are making the shift to stay away from cheap plastic toys and going for sustainable wooden toys, because they are healthier and safer to play with.
Here some of the main reasons why you should choose wooden toys over plastic ones:

  1. Wooden toys are stronger

When you choose a wooden toy, most of the time you are choosing for quality. Wood is a very strong and sustainable material. Your playing child can’t break a wooden toy that easily. As we know, kids can handle their toys without any mercy and drop them a lot or just throw them in any direction. Wooden toys, in comparison to toys made from other materials, will break less often.

  1. Wooden toys are better for the environment

When you buy wooden toys, you contribute to a better environment. Making plastics requires a lot of fossil fuels. In addition, many plastic toys also end up in the sea. By purchasing sustainable wooden toys for your toddler, you can ensure that no more plastic junk ends up in the sea.

  1. Wooden toys are healthier

Children like to put things in their mouths. We all know that putting plastic in your mouth is not always a good idea. For example, small teeth can chew small pieces of plastic that then end up in the digestive system of your child. When you choose wooden toys, you know that your child can safely put the toys in the mouth.

  1. Wooden toys look better

Especially when the entire living room is full of toys it is very pleasing to the eye if toys were made beautiful. The bright colors of toys today can make your living room and other areas look very ugly and messy – no matter how hard you try to clean up. Wooden toys are often painted in very calm, very muted colors and come in many beautiful and sleek designs. This makes the toys fit better in your living room and your house looks a lot better – even when it is cluttered. And your child? It makes little difference to him or her whether a construction set consists of wood or plastic.

  1. Wooden toys are mostly educational

Of course we want our children to have a good development when growing up. Wooden toys can help with this. A lot of wooden toys are educational in nature. That way your toddler can not only have fun, he or she can also learn a lot!

  1. Wooden toys are good for the imagination

Research has shown that wooden toys are very good for developing a good imagination. Because wooden toys are often painted in pale or light colors and consist of simple shapes, children will use their imagination more and better. Of course, toys today make a lot of noise, contain buttons or even have a screen – yet it is the simple toy that will teach your child to use his or her imagination. Remember when you were fighting knights with a simple stick at the back of the garden and liberating damsels? You didn’t need brightly colored bells and whistles for this, just an ordinary stick!

  1. Children become more social through wooden toys

Parents often choose to put their children in front of a screen for hours. And although your kid would definitely like this, it can prevent the child from learning many social skills from an early age. Wooden toys – because they have no buttons, screens or sounds, your child promotes not only to use his or her imagination, but also to involve other children in their fantasy world. That way, your child can build up his or her social skills.

Znoet - One Tree Planted

Giving back to the environment
For the production of our wooden toys, we also use FSC wood that treats tree felling in a good way. Among other things, this ensures that forests are cut down responsibly and can be preserved.

Because we think this is important, we have also chosen to work with One Tree Planted and for each product sold we donate to this NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION for planting a tree. Therefore: “This product plants one tree.”

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