Hand-Eye Coordination


As parents, we are very concerned with the development of our children - first words, first steps and of course learning to read the first time! Yet it is also important that we develop our

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Why you should choose wooden toys


Searching good toys for your little one can be a great challenge: Is the toy educational enough? Can it easily break? Is it safe to play with? Parents are making the shift to stay away

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Znoet x De Bellinga’s


Our products were featured in a Youtube video again! This time in a Youtube video from the Bellinga's Family Vloggers. We are so happy that the Bellinga's are so nice  and were willing to

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Znoet x De Zoete Zusjes


Do you know 'De Zoete Zusjes'? A super fun Youtube channel from little sisters Saar and Janna. They upload videos to Youtube every Wednesday. Crazy challenges, nice DIYs, sketches, short and long movies and a

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Znoet Doeboek 2020


Are your kids getting bored and spending too much time in front of the television? We might have the perfect solution for this. We have made our first FREE downloadable Activity Book full with

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***Currently ony available for Europe*** EARN ADDITIONAL MONEY Who would not want to earn extra cash? Now it is possible to do this through us! REALLY? Yes really! We have started with a special

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Ever asked yourself what sustainable wood actually means and why it is better than normal wood? Why would we even bother using this type of wood when it is more expensive to use? We

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A nice little game to play together When we develop a new sustainable wooden toy, we try to take more than just fun into account. We strive to create extra learning possibilities for the

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